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I saw info on a ZL7 package. I can't find anyone selling it, but you can buy these items separately. Does it really give you 77 HP improvement and those 1.85 rockers, do they cause any damage long term? Here are the items listed:This ZL7 PerformancePac™ contains the following items:

* Blackwing™ Induction System (21110)
* C5 Smooth Bellows (23066)
* PowerFlo™ Exhaust System (31048)
* 85mm High-Flow MAF Sensor (23060)
* MAF-Sensor Bellows Kit (23061)
* DiabloSport II Programmer with SLP Custom Tuning (27002T)
* 1.85-Ratio Rocker Arms (50185)
* Tuned-Length Long-Tube Headers (30060)
* Header-Installation Kit (30062)
* High-Flow Catalytic Converters (30063)
* H-Pipe/Balance-Tube Assembly (30065)
* H-Downpipe (30067)
* ZL7 Fender Badges (pair)
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who sells the pkg and how much $$?? I would think it could increase power by 70 hp,.... cold air kit, longtubes, increased rocker ratio, H-tube , hi-flow cats, and a performance tune ...all improve power... combined correctly, that seems an attainable goal.. a dyno pull will confirm ... but how much is the kit??

As of right now I can't find it. I saw the package on the MAM website, but no longer available. You can order the individual parts from them, but not as a package. I was trying to find it as a kit. No luck so far. I found my answer to the rocker arm question and it shouldn't be a problem on '99 LS1's. Also you can check out Texas Speed for individual parts.
if you locate it again, post the details ,someone may be interested in it for their car....While I have a C5, my "Need for Speed" is fulfilled by my 525HP C3 ..:thumbsup3:
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