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C6 Corvette Racing Brake Caliper Pins

Tired of removing your C6 Corvette’s brake caliper or breaking tools to remove the factory caliper pins in your Z06 or Grand Sport Corvette? Zip Corvette now carries 2006-2013 C6 Corvette Racing Brake Caliper Pin Bolts. These have a 10mm socket head so you can use a 3/8 ratchet to remove and install them and a stainless bolt liner the pad rides on so the bolts will not wear as quickly as the factory ones. Dacrotized anti-corrosion finish will keep them from rusting. Full car set includes 28 bolts for front and rear brake calipers. Fits all 2006-2013 Z06 and Grand Sport Corvettes.

Purchase online at Zip Corvette Parts

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