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From Another C3 Forum:

"Hey guys, I recently got a new AC Delco valve plate for my 1970 C3's windshield washer pump and it only worked one time. I found the new valve plate was warped so it was just sucking in air. The original valve plate was white whereas this new valve plate is black and a little bit thinner. Have any of you guys had this problem and if so what did you do to get your windshield washer pump working again. Bob in Wisconsin".

The replacement AC Delco valve plates are made in Mexico and out of a different type of plastic (nylon?) that is softer than the original white valve plates. As the AC Delco plates are the only ones available I gave up trying to fix mine and installed a 2-quart coolant recovery reservoir on my left inner fender (for my wiper fluid reservoir) and used a slightly modified 11-512 TRICO pump that is mounted under my master cylinder and pumps the fluid into the stock valve plate's inlet nipple. My wiper motor/pump still appears stock but now it uses a vastly superior electric pump that has been working perfectly for 12 years. Rather than going click click click click click it just goes bzzzzzzzzzz.


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