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Will no exhaust hurt my car?

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Im pulling ym stock exhaust system down off of my 2013 Grand Sport and replacing it with a Corsa Extreme system...X pipe back to mufflers. The excited little boy in me wants to fire the car up for a minute with the old exhaust gone and see what and unrestricted 6.2L sounds like. Is there any harm in this?
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Oh, grow up!! LOL. Seriously.....I did it on my C5 for a little while just for fun and it didn't hurt a thing. I didn't get into reving it really loud or anything. Have at it but be nice to your neighbors :)
And by the way, congrats on the X-Treme! Get ready for the compliments at the stoplights.
No, it won't hurt anything but your neighbor's ears. More than a few of us have taken the car out open headers for a test ride before bolting up the exhaust. :D
I'm glad I'm not the only one who loves the sound of an unrestricted V8 LOL. I did end up firing it up for just a few seconds with the H-pipes dropped. What a sound! And now the new system is up and it sounds amazing. I cant wait to actually get out and drive. And the quad four inch tips look incredible. Thanks for the replys!
Big smile on my face over here. Congrats again on the X-Treme. NOW you have a Corvette that sounds like a true sports car. Just one more thing to note, any new exhaust will be a little on the raspy side when it is brand new because it is clean on the inside. Once the inside starts to carbon up a little bit it will smooth out slightly. Not a big change overall but just slightly. Give it about a thousand miles.:burnout:
Ok, I cant wait to put some miles on the new car. What a horrible thing...Ive got to drive my car to break in the new exhaust...gees! Lol
Congrats on the X-Treme! You'll be very happy with your choice.
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