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Why does c4 steering wheel shake over bumps?

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After driving over bumps my steering wheel jerks to the right or left. Could this be the shocks?
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Nope ! How Many Miles on UR Car ?
Does it do it At Wat Speed ?
At about 50 mph. First I thought it could be the steering wheel knuckle, but their is no play in the steering wheel when not hitting bumps.
R the Tires Wearing Bad ? U Just Might Need it to be Aligned ?
Had an alignment from sears about 6 months ago problem persisted right after.
Go to another shop I think that's the problem. I never had the frt. end aligned on my 88 & never had a problem. I don't think Much of Sears Sorry !
I don't think Much of Sears Sorry !
neither do I.
Because I used to work there inm my 20's.
The screwed up things I saw .....:z1-2::z1-2::z1-2:
I was the guy who had to fix them too......:soapbox:
I was fixing mechanics screw-ups done by people who had been wrenching longer than I had been alive at the time. :toocrazy:

The only cool thing was when customers would come in and say NOBODY touches my car but HIM ( me ):thumbsup:
I was the only guy who had appointments made for me alone.
Thanks for the replies! Haha I worked at sears when I had it done I was a sales person, the worst place I've ever worked. I quit after three months ill have the alignment checked. Thanks again.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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