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Please explain what 1990 corvette V8 conversion Model only means. I have tried to find this even asked the sales department I still do not have an answer. I recently purchased a radiator for 1990 corvette and the mechanic tried to install it. The shroud was modified to fit the radiator. When he tried to install the transmission oil cooler lines they would not fit. He went and got his tap and die. The old radiator and transmission oil cooler lines were determined to be 1/2 inch by 20 thread. The new radiator transmission oil cooler port were smaller. The mechanic said the company sent me the wrong one. I spoke to the sales department several times and they told me that it would fit. I told them my corvete has never been modified. I paid $200 for a 4 tube radiator and the return freight was $$84.44 with the mechanic charge of $200. The sales department said I could return it. So members be careful when you order items. Thank You.
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