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I removed my A/C low pressure switch this morning to identify it and noticed the female blade terminal plugin pulled off the switch with no effort which made me suspect a bad connection has been causing my A/C to quit working. I reinstalled the switch and took it for a test drive and once again my A/C worked for several minutes then quit working.

This afternoon I decided to remove my A/C pressure switch again and take a good look at its male blade terminals to see if they appeared to be making a good contact with the female blade terminal plugin. One of the male blade terminals had a shiny spot indicating a good contact but the other male blade terminal had no signs of making contact so I may have found my A/C quitting problem.

I used emery cloth to shine up the male blade terminals and even gave their ends a tiny bend so they would make a tight contact inside the female blade terminal plugin. I reinstalled the switch then shot WD-40 into the female plugin just to ward off future corrosion.

I'll take it for a spin tomorrow and see if my A/C quits again. I suspect it won't but if it does I'll have to look elsewhere. Troubleshooting electrical problems can be really challenging but there's one thing I learned many years ago; 95% of all electrical problems are the result of a bad connection.

9-10-22 update: I put 230 miles on it today and my A/C never quit on me so I guess it was a bad connection at my low pressure switch.


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