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Here's some valuable tips on replacing fuel pumps:

1. Rotate the engine to #1 TDC. That positions the camshaft's fuel pump lobe directly opposite the fuel pump.

2. Remove the 3/8" NC X 1/2" bolt from the front of the block then screw a 3/8" NC X 1-1/4" bolt into the hole JUST snug. The end of the bolt will hold the fuel pump's push rod in its raised position so you can easily install the new pump.

3. Remove the inlet hose and output line(s) from the fuel pump. Most C3's have a 1/4" return line but some don't.

4. Remove old fuel pump then install the new fuel pump with a 1/16" X 7/16" X 9/16" o-ring pushed into the outlet fitting. The o-ring allows you to simply snug the line in place instead of tightening the crap out of it to prevent seeping.

5. With the new fuel pump installed remove the 1-1/4" bolt in the front of the block then install the original short bolt.

6. Push a 1/16" X 7/16" X 9/16" o-ring into the carburetor's inlet fitting for the same reason as the one in the fuel pump's outlet fitting.

7. Install the inlet hose and the outlet line(s) onto the pump.

8. Start the engine and check for leaks.


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