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OK guys need some help here?????

Test 1 Vacuum test on all actuators relay's came out great. Vacuum tank is also good along with all lines and valves

Test 2 If I pinch off the two big lines to the headlights then wiper door works ok but not as soon as you start the motor but will work. I can remove the pinch offs and all will work but if I cut the motor off and re-start nothing will work until I pinch them off again.

Test 3 What am I hearing? I hear the vacuum like leaving the tank?

Test 4 Chase it down to the wiper door unit. Actuator relay tested good. If I pinch off the red and green hoses or even the main large one then vacuum stays up and head lights work. But if I cut off the motor and then back on I have no vacuum.

Test 5 Put my hand over the black plug on the front of the wiper door actuator and could hear the vacuum loss slow down some. Can't do that to well on the rear.

Looked at the rear of it where the rod comes through to operate the wiper door and looks like it has a rubber like seal that you would think would help seal the rod but it is very loose both side to side and up and down and just like it is doing nothing?

Looks to me like the wiper door actuator is releasing all the built up vacuum in the tank and the motor want build the vacuum back up quick or at all. Motor at idle is pulling 18" of vacuum so I think that is good.

After reading an article I think the problem is the seals on the wiper door actuator and I can buy a kit with all 3 pieces to fix it. But before I do I wanted to check with you guys and see if I am on the right track?


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Update On latest Test

I am thinking now after this last test that vacuum does release shortly after motor is turned off because I also heard it near the front of the car.

If I pinch off the red and green vacuum lines at the wiper actuator and start the car the headlight will not open. If I just pinch off the large yellow one feeding the wiper door vacuum relay then the vacuum will build up and head lights will open. Then if I remove the pinch all works as it should as long as you do not cut the motor off.

I re-tested the vacuum relay and it tested good but looks like that by pinching off the red and green hose's it should do the same thing but it doesn't??? That is what is so confusing about what I am trying to narrow down before I buy a part and don't need it.

If I am waisting my time here then I am just waisting it but maybe this post might help someone else out?
This is some help full info even thought I am still confused. Look for the paragraph that says problem areas. Go down to "What you need to know is the vacuum". I did the test as it instructed to do.
Yellow to white and pull the headlight door switch and they open right up but of course the wiper door want. Yellow to green then to headlight doors open right up and at the same time so does the wiper door. It will not go back down until you disconnect the splice and then you have to push it down after the vacuum is removed so I am still back at the start on what part is really faulty? I know I am missing something but at 67 I can miss something in a heartbeat.

Here is the helpful link. well I would post the like but looks like I can't right now? Looks like a moderator would approve or disapprove it but guess not !

Lets see if I can send you guys in the Year One direction that I have been reading? I can not post the link but maybe I can give you a hint and then maybe one of you can post it? I am sure it has been posted before.


Hope all of you enjoy your labor Day Weekend :thumbsup3:
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