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We have all experienced unexpected gusts of wind that moved our C3's a bit but the worst kinds are those that hit our C3's at a 90 degree angle. I was traveling west on a 2-lane section of Highway 180 several years ago in a desolate area that only supported cattle grazing. There was a slight breeze blowing from the north when all of a sudden an ENORMOUS gust of wind hit my '71 and moved it clear over to the opposite lane.

Thankfully there were no other cars anywhere near me so no damage was done other than having to change my underwear when I got back home. In my 75 years it was the biggest gust of wind I had ever felt as any gust big enough to move a 3800 pound car 15 feet sideways is a BIG gust of wind.

It was the same section of Highway 180 where I clobbered an adult coyote about 10 years earlier. I was going about 60 mph when all of a sudden this coyote charged into my lane and BAM. It tumbled end over end several times before getting up and running off. I would imagine the impact broke many of its left ribs and ruptured some of its organs which would certainly cause its death from internal blood loss within a few minutes.
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