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Underhood lining decal

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Hello, I was wondering if anyone has installed the underhood lining emblem? Found one on ebay for $48. Just looking for some feedback before I buy one.

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They look very cool. Never heard of any problems with them. I think you will need to take the insulation off the hood to make it easier to install.
Could you post the E-Bay link on here? I would like to take a look at that item for myself.
I will post the link if someone can tell me how!
I think they adhere with heat.I painted mine on my C-5 and C-6.
did u use paint markers are a model paint or something like that
did u use paint markers are a model paint or something like that
I first sprayed the liner with about 5 coats of flat paint then when full dried I used craft paint,I didn't know that paint markers were that easy to work with .
@Dasher---fishslayer posted a link. Is that the item you are talking about? I would like to know because I just ordered one and would like to know if anyone on here knows whether it is worth a **** or not.
I installed one today , make sure the liner is clean first use rubbing alcohol to clean the area and let dry for a couple hours, lay the liner flat I did it on a table and be very careful pulling the decal off do both sides and let them fall back down while doing the other kind of taking it off and letting it set on the backing , do the circles first then the flags the circles will seem to big but dont trim any excess you can hide that under the main decal, make sure your hands are clean I used the alcohol and put on a cotton glove to rub the decal while using the dryer the hardest part is getting the decal to line up. Dont get in a hurry and dont press down till its just right then take the dryer and put it on high hot and start using the gloved hand to massage the decal while applying heat I did this over and over for almost an hour.
Thanks for the input CorvetteMikeKC. Looks like I will have to set aside half an afternoon to do the job. My felt underhood liner is slightly dirty but not that bad. I plan on removing it and then, I have one of those squirt style car washing wands that you fill the soap cup with. I will fill it with laundry detergent and give it a good cleaning and then rinse it thoroughly with fresh water and let it dry completely in the sun. Then, I will put the decal on. Will be a good time to clean the underside of the hood while the underliner is removed. I placed my order on Monday so it should be here any day now. Thanks again!
BTW, The laundry detergent trick works on floor mats too. As long as the carpet fiber itself is not worn too much or stained too badly they come out looking brand new.
You can also go to lowes and get the chrome faucet cover thingys LOL I dont know what to call them, you take your plastic liner holders and trim them on the edges and put the chromes caps over the top and fold the tabs down to hold them in place $20 looks good to .how do you post pics here and I will show you.
Be careful when washing the liner its fragile , I dusted mine off and painted it with bbq grill paint
I would post a pic but it wont let me yet not enough posts.
Wow, the decal looks great. Can't wait to get mine on now. The picture quality is fine. Thanks for posting.:thumbsup3:
I like the chrome covers
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