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To restore restromod or mod

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OK her are pics of my 2 vetts.

1st is a 75 fairly complete original not to molested daily driver. I’ve been breathing life in to it with stock replacement parts. and I am looking at going modified with steeroids, T56, LS? or a Vortec headed 5.7

2nd is a project 71 that will go in my shop here this week. Its trashed yes it runs and drives but no interior body is hurting and suspension is tired. stock base motor turbo 400 trans. Im thinking big block 4l80e.

Now I’m torn on the 75 because it’s so complete but it’s just a L48, so moding you dont lose a lot

And I’m torn on the 71 because it’s so trashed and a base model that I don’t think a restore is worth it but I feel guilty about further trashing of a low production classic car

ok pics wont load but questions are still valid

Restore? Restromod? or go crazy?

I'd put a poll out but not sure how. So any response would be cool.

Be safe
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the big question is your budget..and the 75 is not a collector and will never bring alot of $$ it doesn t matter which way you go, go crazy....the 71 on the other hand could be worth some money restored to original and are in much more demand
spend what you can afford but don't expect to make it an investment.
give yourself a budget and be ready for it to double. My 75 is going to be a nice driver, never expected to be a money maker, already spent too much. Get the 71 back as close to stock as you can, much more interest in that year car.
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