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From Another C3 Forum:

"Guys, I want to install a Blueprint 383" crate engine in my '72 and I'm wondering how long it'll take to pull my present engine out. It's an L-48 and it's completely stock as far as I know. I have access to a cherry picker and a decent set of tools so how long would this take"?

On average it takes about 3 hours to pull a C3 engine out and about 6 hours to install one. When I pull a C3 engine I always remove the fan, alternator, water pump, and fan shroud first and then wire the power steering pump to the upper control arm to get it out of the way. I also drain the block by removing both of its drain plugs so leaking coolant doesn't make a big mess on my garage floor. And just before pulling the engine I put blocks of wood under the front of the transmission to support it. And having good lighting is important.
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