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TH700R4 Head Count

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How many of you C3 owners have installed TH700R4's? My '82 came with one but I also swapped one into my 454" powered '71 because I knew it would really help increase the fuel mileage.

For those C3's that are only driven locally on weekends the TH700R4 wouldn't be a big help but for those that are driven on highways the TH700R4's are fantastic swaps as the 30% overdrive will instantly increase fuel mileage by 30% and reduce engine wear by 30%.
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I have!!!
I had only driven my car in the city, with my 3.73's at the freeway I was looking at 2500-3000 RPM's
but now I'm crusing at 1,500-2,000
You know I got one... I was probably the first ...its a great swap. makes a car with a big cam and big gears, street/hiway friendly
I was probably the first.

Well, you were the first to SWAP one but not the first to HAVE one as my '82 came with one. But as far as swapping goes you were the first and I was the 2nd as I put one in my '71 in early 2010. Right after I bought my 454" powered '71 I knew there was no way I could ever deal with the horrible fuel mileage. So I had a beefed-up TH700R4 ready to go within only a few weeks.
going on about 4 years since I did mine.....I planned the swap sooner but trans and all the other stuff wasn t ready or in.. when I dropped my stroker in .. figured I would just fine tune the new engine ,put a few break-in miles on it..and take it easy on the TH350 in it till I had all the necessary parts to make the swap to TH700r4...4 days and a couple full power shifts later ,the TH350 was toast behind the Stroker..but, the rest of my parts were in by then....its a great combo... with my 3.73 gears I run only 2550 RPM at 80 MPH in 4th ! I get near 20 MPG hiway ..
Dawg! where you been, dude? gotta pop in more often
With hunting season and all, been a little hooked up.
My 72 has one! It is also better than the 350 or 400 with a slightly lower 1st gear and the fact that you can get into higher rear end ratios and keep the same fuel mileage and also wake up the car off the line! :)
I am new but I have one !
welcome aboard...we have a great bunch on C3 Forum.. what year?
I am new but I have one !

How are you controlling your torque converter lockup?
I have one. Just a switch controls the torque converter lockup.
I have one. Just a switch controls the torque converter lockup.

If your case has the three pressure taps on the right side just screw a 0-15 psi Hobbs pressure switch into the one right behind the servo and about 1" above the pan rail. Run a fused hot wire to the switch then run the outgoing wire up over the top of the case and into the left-side plugin. Attach it to the solenoid and ground the solenoid using one of it's 6mm mounting bolts. Then it'll lock in 4th all by itself.....................
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