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Nope !....
Not all C4's are created equal
It will on a '96 because it is OBDII , yours is only OBDI

Need to install rear O2 simulators on OBDII cars to prevent a code being shown

"A popular modification to many performance enthusiasts is to remove the catalytic converter(s) to free up horsepower an increase the sound and performance of the vehicle.
OBD-II equipped vehicles have from 2 - 4 O2 sensors,at least one upstream sensor that controls the fuel management system, and at least
one downstream that monitors catalytic converter function.
When the converters are eliminated, the result is very often a P0420 or P0430 code that indicates that the converters are missing or not functioning. Obviously no one wants to drive the car with a constant CEL,
and the car will not pass inspection in many areas with an illuminated CEL.

To many performance enthusiasts, the obvious solution is to run an O2 simulator on the downstream O2 sensor in order to simulate a properly functioning O2 sensor.
This would allow the user to run without converters and still keep the CEL off, or will it?

Lets start off with the legalities. When the Clean Air Act came into effect, it prohibits tampering with the emission controls of the vehicles. This tampering includes removing the catalytic converters.
So obviously the only reason to run a simulator is because the converter is missing or not functional. This means the only legal purpose of an O2 simulator is to attempt to conceal the fact that you
have removed the factory smog equipment. Whether this matters to you is your business.
O2 simulators are no longer legal to purchase or sell in the US because their only purpose is to bypass smog equipment."
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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