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Swapping Original Rear Suspension for New Aftermarket

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Fourth owner of a well-cared for 69' C3 here.

C3 owners with actual experience retrofitting an aftermarket rear suspension, shade-tree or shop-install:
I request brand recommendation along with anecdotes, advisories, experiences, discoveries, "parts-not-included-but-needed", etc, etc.

I'm researching the replacement of the entire original rear suspension with a modern aftermarket solution. I'm only considering rear suspension kits, and I will do the deed myself. I've looked at three aftermarket kits, though there are others yet. This will be neither a casual nor inexpensive job, so I want to be settled with my decision before I place an order. To that end, I solicit information from those who've done this swap.
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I've already finished re-building all of the suspension of my '81 frame off restoration. However, I'm curious to see what you come up with and will watch as you progress. Occasional updates would be great.
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