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Merry Christmas Everyone!

Get your C5 or C6 Corvette a pair of Fangs for Christmas!
Here’s your chance to get the ultimate Lower Radiator/ Skid Plate Protection at a super low price during our Christmas sale!
The Fangs are made of a High Impact Superior Performance Plastic. The Fangs are extremely impact resistant and 6 times more abrasion resistant than steel. Fangs eliminate the friction that causes breakage of the lower radiator support, especially on the aluminum C6 support. Installation only takes a few minutes. Being only 1/8" thick you will not even notice any ground clearance loss. :thumbsup:The Fangs give you complete front to back protection so no matter where you scrape your skid bar you are protected. If you scrape, there is none of that horrible metal noise. If you accidentally bump up on a parking curb you will notice the front of your Vette lifting up as it smoothly slides up and smoothly back down when you reverse. When you consider that it cost around $600 to replace the Skid plate/Lower radiator support, Fangs are a small price to pay to reduce the chance of damaging or breaking your Lower Radiator/ Skid Plate. The Fangs are the best Lower Radiator/ Skid Plate protection available! :thumbsup:

The benefits of installing Fangs:

1. No noticeable ground clearance loss.
2. Allows your skid plates to slide instead of denting or getting scraped up.
3. Helps prevent breakage of the lower radiator support, especially on the C6 with its aluminum Support that is prone to breakage.
4. Beautifies skid plates that are already scraped up and keeps them looking good.
5. Protects the whole skid plate not just part of it.
6. Keeps impact centered on the skid plate where it is strongest so there is no side loading of the skid plate where it is weak.
7. No more scraping sound when you do scrape.
8. Only weigh 5 ounces for you weight conscious Vette owners.
9. Simple 15-20 minute install.
10. No modification required for the C5 installation.
11. C6 only requires 4 small holes to install. Drill bit is supplied.
12. Customer Satisfaction warranty!
13. The very best protection available!

Even at the regular price of C5 Fangs $54.95 and C6 Fangs for $49.95 the Fangs are worth it for such great protection that they deliver.
But for our Super Christmas Special, your choice, C5 or C6 are only $39.99! Includes free shipping to the lower 48 and Hawaii!

Here is a link to a couple videos of us abusing a pair of white Fangs. As you will see they can take it!

C6 Fangs information and where to purchase.

C5 Fangs information and where to purchase.

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