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stuck on problem 95 coupe

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my 95 starts and idols fine. but when temp gets around 180 she'll start running rough both cooling fans kick on high and service soon light comes on idols fine after. checked codes and get h64 oxy sensor too lean. changed sensor still have problem. any one out there could set me in the right direction besides dealer
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Did you replace all the sensors or just one
on passengers side replaced the one behind the cat converter it looked original and very hard to get too, one in front looks new as well as driver side looks new. but your right just because it looks new dosen't mean it works. brain fart i'll change that one two.
get h64 oxy sensor too lean.
You have a O2 each side so there are separate error codes for each one
DTC 64 -
Bank 2 (Right Front) Heated Oxygen Sensor (HO2S) #1 Circuit (Lean Exhaust Indicated)

Also be aware a error code is for a system fault , which includes the power supply , wiring , connections and grounds;
not just that the item in that system is actually faulty
on passengers side replaced the one behind the cat converter
Rear O2 does not affect engine operation,
it is only there to check the correct operation of the cat
Thanks for putting me in the right direction. I'll change the 2nd sensor on that side and let you know outcome.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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