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Strange Beep in Dash

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I have an annoying beep/buzz that sounds like the old fashion headlight warning buzzers. It comes from behind the dash in the radio/AC vent area. Beep lasts for about a second (sometimes longer) and occurs after the car has been running about 2 minutes. Typically one beep then nothing. It will not do it again until the car is turned off and restarted.

The buzzing went away for a short time but it is now back but with a twist. Today when I turned on the turn signals it beeped on and off in sync with the turn signals.

Car is a 2000 Coupe (A4, Z51) and has the original radio/CD player. It throws no codes and has no known electrical issues.

I did a search and found some talk of the hazard switch causing problems with the brake lights and turn signals but those work fine. Any thoughts?
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Never heard of that. There really isn't anything in there that would make a noise. The stereo , hazard switch, vent is about all that's in that area.
possible flasher ?
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