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Stock 71 corvette shifter modified to fit hurst linkage?

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Has any one ever modified a stock corvette shifter to fit a hurst linkage , and if so when you shift in reverse does it rub the console.
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The stock shifter mounts to the crossmember and a Hurst shifter mounts to the trans. The linkage rods probably are a bit different. I've got a Hurst shifter and no problems with the stick hitting anything.
Thanks,I have a Hurst shifter also but I like the stock look.
There is a factory look alike stick that bolts to the Hurst shifter. The reverse lockout trigger is inoperative, but it looks just like the factory stick.
I saw that one , that's where I got the idea from I picked up a 1971 shifter and linkage for 40 bucks, I want to keep my hurst linkage on the Trans and bolt the stock shifter lever on, looks like I have two square the bottom off and drill two holes for the two bolts.thanks k.k.
The stock lever is a tube with the reverse lockout rod down the center of it with a spring. The Hurst shifter has the two bolts that hold the stick you saw, but the mount for the stick is also serrated to keep the stick from moving once it's bolted in and tight.
I took the stock 1971 corvette shifter to a machine shop to have the bottom milled and drilled , no luck the base of the shifter is made of some kind of harden tool steel. So I ordered one from corvette America .
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