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Stalling after shift kit?

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Alright, so I just finished installing my B&M shift kit (very cool) but now I have a problem. I drove my car for probably 4 combined miles after the shift kit and had no problems. That was yesterday. Today, I drove it, and had some stalling issues. I was running the car and checking my transmission fluid and it stalled randomly, starts up no problem if I feather the throttle, but will stall again. It's fine while I'm driving, no issues. But at red lights, the idle slowly drops until it stalls. Whether I'm in P, N, or any gear, it is exactly the same. Do I just need to adjust the idle screw, because maybe the kit changed that? Or do you think this is just a vacuum leak and has nothing to do with the kit?
Thanks in advance!
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shift kit itself has no effect on engine idle speed, it merely firms up the shifts may have a vac leak, or its just idling to low
That's what I was thinking and hoping, thanks a lot!
There are a number of things that can allow an engine to die. If it only dies when it's idling it could be an idle speed problem or a mixture screw problem. Your idle speed should be about 550 rpm in DRIVE and your mixture screws should be turned out 1-1/2 to 2 turns.
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