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Stainless OBX Headers With Sidepipes

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I have a 1980 Corvette and like the look and sound of side pipes. The Hooker headers and pipes are somewhat expensive. I found polished stainless steel OBX headers and sidepipes on E-Bay for significantly less than the Hookers. Anyone have this system? I'm not familiar with OBX except for what little I've read today. Any recommendations as far as resonators? I thought I might go without.
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Here's a link to a thread I started last year. I have the OBX on my '76 and went through what you've described. For the money they are worth it. You may have to modify the rocker covers, to what degree depends on your car and how good the body mounts are. Pretty straight forward installation however the bolts holes to the cylinder heads aren't perfect. I had to enlarge one hole on each side in order to get the second bolt in.

Good luck


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