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Hi Everyone!
It's never to late to start protecting the front Skid Plates/lower radiator support on the front of your C5 or C6 Corvette. Not to many Vette owners can look at their Skid Plates and say they don't have any scratches or dents on them. Sooner or later you're going to scrape on something and you're going to wish you had a pair of Fangs protecting your skid plates. At $49.99 the Fangs are a very small price to pay for the best protection on the market for protecting a very expensive part of your Corvette that is prone to getting hit!

Here is a link to a couple cool videos. The scraping sound you hear is not the Fangs,its the air dam.

Here are links to more information and how to purchase your Fangs.

For C5 Fangs.

For C6 Fangs.


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I bought a pair last Halloween and wish I had of installed these when I first bought the Vette. It stops that ungodly noise when the front end bottoms out but also the friction that tries to stop the Vette, you just slide on through.
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