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When I travel I am amazed over the number of inconsiderate drivers I encounter. I live 26 miles west of the "big trees"; the Sequoia National Forest where the 300 foot Redwood trees are located. On my way home I have to drive 10 miles of a mostly 6% uphill grade. During the summer months a LOT of motor homes and pickups pulling toy haulers head up Highway 180 to the Sequoia National Forest and most of them drive 35 to 40 mph on the highway that has a 55 mph speed limit. There are a LOT of turnouts along the way spaced 3/4 to 1 mile apart. Do they make ANY effort to use them? Nope. I have seen as many as 20 cars lined up behind them and that doesn't faze them.

My gang mailbox is located next to Highway 180 in a turnout that is about 200 feet long. People coming down the hill from the Sequoia National Forest with their LONG motor homes or toy haulers often decide to change drivers in that 200 foot turnout and they park RIGHT SMACK DAB IN FRONT OF MY MAILBOX so I can't get to it.

And then there are the people who don't know how to merge onto freeways. Rather than speeding up or slowing down to safely merge onto a freeway they just plug along and wait until the last 100 feet to merge and then honk their horns if I don't get out of their way because they think it's MY job to get out of their way. I guess they never took driving 101. And when I want to merge onto a freeway and there is heavy traffic in the right lane very few people make any effort to let me in. Nope, they don't want to slow down 5 mph even though I have had my left turn signal on for a lengthy time. Inconsiderate selfish people.

And then there are the people who suddenly slow WAY down for no apparent reason. Then after 1 mile they finally turn off on a little road without ever using their turn signals beforehand to let us know their intentions.

And how about the people who drive 55 mph in the left lane on freeways with 70 mph speed limits? Since they think they own the freeways it's OUR job to get around them.

And then there are the "Mario Andretti's" who drive 90 mph on the freeways while weaving in and out of traffic while barely missing cars. The times you hope a CHP will nail them before they kill someone.

Sometimes I want to scream!
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