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Now that summer is here many of you will want to check or recharge your A/C systems. When you lose refrigerant you also lose an equal percentage of oil because inside your system is an oily gas; not just refrigerant.

When it is low on refrigerant it's best to add a can or two of an oil charge before adding the refrigerant. These 3 ounce cans contain 1 ounce of oil, 1 ounce of "performance enhancer" (whatever that is), and 1 ounce of refrigerant.

When the percentage of oil gets too low the compressor can suddenly seize and burn the clutch up so it's best to add a can or two of an oil charge if you have any doubt. Note: The directions say "Shake Can Well" before adding to your system.

My system has R-134 and I charge it to 250 psi @ 80 F which is the absolute maximum. When the system is "normalized" both gauges will show 70 psi. So when you attach your gauges and see say 40 psi on the low and high sides your system is very low.


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