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I recently graduated school, got a job, and finally a new car... C6 2005 convertible corvette.
One day I was driving to work and noticed my dash said that my soft top was ajar. without slowing down I quickly looked up at the handle and flapped it and just barely rotated it to the side to make sure it was secure....well needless to say the "dumbass" light came on in my head and an adrenaline rush as I held onto my soft top as it flew open while I was going 70mph.

I pulled over and saw that my soft top looked fine except I broke the handle when holding onto it in the wind.

I was wondering if I should just bring it to the dealer to get fixed or if I can just replace the handle. btw the actual handle part you hold onto is not broken but part of the mechanism is broken inside. I can still wiggle it into place and get it to open and seal completely but it is not like the real thing.

Any advice is welcome,
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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