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The last forty five days have been very unusual as I have had seven things fail:

1. My stoplight switch failed so I had to replace it.

2. My front left caliper started leaking so I had to reseal it. As I keep front and rear caliper seals in my stock I had it back on the road the next day.

3. My blower motor relay failed the day before a 500 mile round trip through HOT southern California. Fortunately I had a new relay in my stock so I replaced it just hours before the trip.

4. My blower motor gave up so I had to replace it.

5. My master cylinder is failing so I ordered a new one. I have found it's best to buy a new master cylinder rather than resealing it because the reseal kits cost 80% to 90% of new master cylinders. The push rod will probably need adjusting but that's no big deal.

6. My VC-234 Standard Motor Products vacuum advance failed after 13 years of use.

7. My Walmart battery suddenly died after just 18 months.

My daily driver big block 1971 is a real pain to keep it going but the many compliments I receive make it all worthwhile. Believe it or not most of the compliments I receive are from older women. If a C3 owner isn't mechanically inclined it would cost him/her a fortune in parts and labor to keep their C3 on the roads.
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