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Happy Holidays to all you SmokinVette’s! Today I’m going to be open with you about a few topics that are no secret or should be no surprise rather. It should be Happy Holidays for all, but sad to say we have valuable vendors who provide quality products that aren’t having happy holidays. We all know the economy is in the toilet, it will recover but not on accident. It’s not a matter of “if” “might” or “maybe” the economy WILL recover. Historically what has helped the survival of the economy is consumer spending; the same survival mode applies to vendors that make our so needed mod’s for our Corvettes. I’ve recently spoke to a good friend of mine who also happens to be a vendor on SmokinVette, who voiced competition is good to have. I 100% agree with him, it gives you the consumer a range of products to choose from and also helps regulate to some degree product price. The fact is there are people losing jobs and companies closing doors.

So what can be done about this?

We all need to work together to help preserve our Vendors that have put a smile on our face from a part(s) that maybe added some tire shredding horse power, maybe it was a product that helped your cars appearance that allowed you to win a trophy at a car show or a thumbs up from another Corvette or auto enthusiast. This same friend shared with me that spending is down across all the forums. For those of you that might not realize this, Vendors are the fuel that makes sites like this possible. A place where you can hang your hat up and call your home, a place where you can find answers, product or installation assistance, smoke and joke with other Corvette enthusiast.

This letter is not about SmokinVette, but our concern for our Vendors and their survival through these tough times. For those that know me on a personal level, if been labeled as very driven, someone that also believes there is a solution to ANY challenge and someone that won’t back down from a challenge. Some might argue what can I do as an individual? We all as a team can make a world of difference that keeps someone from losing their job or a business closing doors during the holiday season.

So here is what we have going on. Starting effective at time of this post till January 1, 2009 the first (10) members who spend OVER $1,000.00 with any of our Vendors will receive a $100.00 economic rebate check from! *Read below for RULES on this*

Now if you simply can’t afford spending over $1,000.00 now, order something for your car or holiday gift from one of our Vendors whether it’s a $15.00 part or a $500.00 part, we as a team can make a difference. Holidays are time for giving, let’s give back, but a smile, give some piece of mind to our Vendors that we are here to support them and their success for a brand new year.

Thank you all for taking the time to read this and to support the Vendors of Feel free to spread the word to other Corvette owners that are not members here and what we are doing. We are the forum that is going to stand behind our Vendors, there for stand behind you as this is your Corvette Forum and your home. That’s my word to you.

Create yourself a great day and Happy Holidays,


**Rules for $100.00 rebate from SmokinVette is simple – PM me with receipt showing date, who, what, and where you purchased. Also make a post showing the products installed, the dyno sheet from tuner, or the happy face of someone receiving a holiday gift. In this post let’s also tell who we bought these products from, and how happy you are with them – share and inform to others about your experience. Let’s keep this honest and fun. This offer ends January 1, 2009, and is limited to the first (10) members that PM me with the requested information.**
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