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Side pipe rattling REVISED - Need to be replaced

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Seems like it's time to change out the side exhaust pipes. The thought of what's loose in there breaking totally free and clogging the exhaust path is enough to make me puke. I priced them at a Corvette supply company in NY @ $550.00 for steel or aluminized, and $800.00 for the SS. Big difference in price- SS that much more desirable? Anyway, does anyone have first hand experience with purchasing side pipes and could suggest the best supplier? Thanks.

Added 09:20 : Seems like I answered my question as to which to get. Now to find out WHERE to get. :noidea:

1- Aluminized steel is a bit economical than the stainless steel.
2- The stainless steel is stronger of the two. They are also more durable than aluminized steel.
3- In respect to rusting, stainless steel does not rust. Aluminized steel can get corroded if the aluminium coat gets broken.
4- Aluminized steel has high thermal conductivity than stainless steel.
5- Unlike the aluminized steel, the stainless steel has a high thermal expansion coefficient, which means that it could change shape when exposed to over heat.
6- Aluminized steel comes with a better electrostatic surface.
7- Stainless has aesthetics when compared to aluminized steel. This is why stainless steel is used in buildings, which add to its beauty.
8- Some of the common products made from aluminized steel include water heaters, ranges, furnaces, space heaters and grills. Stainless steel is also used in the manufacture of many things like kitchen utensils, cookware, storage tanks and even in the construction industry.
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