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show room look

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Can anyone tell me how I can get my car looking like it just came out of the show room?
I believe the paint is still in great condition, I just need it to shine, shine, shine.
Do I need to take it to a body shop so they can apply any comercial waxes or rubbing compound or just a special car wash?
Thanks ahead of time for your inputs.
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Hey Paul, what kind of condition is the paint in? Does it have swirls/scratches in it? If it does, those need to me removed via machine polishing to get it back to looking new.

From there, to enhance the shine you can apply a glaze and/or wax to not only get it back to showroom-new condition, but better than showroom-new.
the paint is in very good condition it may have some swirls but not much because i took it to a car wash with a special hand wax a while ago.
I guess I will have to do again to make sure.
What kind of glaze or wax are you talking about?
The reason I am doing all this is also I am having someone do an engine overhaul on my original engine because it threw 2 rods and I know it probably really dirty when they give it back to me over the weekend.
Thanks for your response.
Thamks for the help.
Hey Nick
How much do you think all this will cost?
After spending $2,500 on my engine it does not not leaves too much room for anything else!
I am also thinking how will the car look with dark tinted windows?
Is it worth it?
Is it going to mess up my originality?
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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