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When I was restoring my big block '71 for daily use I wanted to:

1. Increase its power by at least 100 hp.

2. Use an Edelbrock RPM Air Gap intake manifold.

3. Use a common high performance 14" X 3" air filter.

4. Use an L-88 style hood converted for ram air.

After installing the Edelbrock RPM Air Gap intake manifold and the L-88 style hood my hood wouldn't even begin to close so I had to find a way to shorten the height of my dropped air filter base by about 3/4". I removed 3/4" of material from the bottom of the base but then discovered it still wouldn't drop down far enough because it was sitting on the tops of my Holley's float adjustment screws. So I had to cut holes in the base to go over the screws then soldered deep cup freeze plugs over the holes.

In the end I got it to fit but just barely as the top of the air cleaner's lid actually rubs the underside of my L-88 style hood. Yesterday I added a short velocity stack to my base to help straighten the air flow going into my 770 cm Street Avenger Holley. It's far from ideal but when you're working on a big block C3 you have to make some concessions.


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