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Just got my first vette , I got a good deal I think on a 2000 Corvette I paid $6,000 . It had check engine light on I scanned and got these codes
Today I noticed a noticeable amount of power loss . Black around exhaust tips ,stalls out and dies sometimes when come to stop ,and gas smelltook to exhaust shop first thing because had exhaust leak got that fixed but still messing up. They told me that it had exhaust headers on it the long tube type. I know nothing about it but yes has that and cold air intake.
But don't know what to do to fix the problems. I originally bought the car to resale . I have never even set in a Corvette before it because I didn't like them but because was way to rich for my blood . Ut I did this one and drove it thought it was ok first day but the more I drove it the more I fell in love with it . Im still not a wealthy person and really can't afford the car because have already had to replace radiator , oil sending unit tension pully , ,had really couldn't afford that . Hears the deal I don't want to get rid of it I love it I can't afford to pay shop to fix it but want it fixed can someone help me out and direct me in correct ways I can fix this car myself. Anyone close to me would be awesome . I'm a hard worker and if close maybe I could work off the advice info I'm from Whitney Texas .
Thank you for reading my rambling and really thank you in advance for any help
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