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Selling my 1977 Vette.
I've owned it since it was 4 years old, bought it from a buddy. Always been garaged and only driven in nice weather since I've owned it.
I'll be moving across the country in a few months and am afraid it will be difficult to pass CA visual inspection. I've never had a problem registering it here in MA though. Now it's registered as an antique. Everything on the car is top shelf. Engine shortblock was pro built by RHS, the heads are fully ported and polished, cam is quite radical and has a very lumpy idle. But it pulls really right off idle right thru 5500rpm. Hard to get on 1st or 2nd withour excessive wheelspin. Takes some driving finess to to launch hard. Some sticky street slicks will help that. Asking $17.5K but will talk.

Pics and link to follow.

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