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Saw blade rims

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My rims show clearcoat damage. Any cheap way to make the rims look decent without spending alot of money??:crybaby:
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strip , polish and refinish them yourself
It's fairly easy
I stripped and polished a set by putting the rear up in the air and spinning them using the engine
You also need a UV rated coating , regular clear coat will fail quickly
There is no shortcut ( except the up in the air/ engine method ) , just less or more expensive ways to do it

(oh crap , they were not sawblades , just the 84-86 style )
Yep, once clear coat begins to fail, there is really no other suitable option but to strip them. Once stripped, then you can decide that to do from there.

New clear...paint them...powedercoat them...
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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