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Rubbing at low speeds/hard left turn

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427 vert was driven home from dealer and parked. I do move it around some and at full left turn at low speed, I feel a rubbing. I would guess it is the fatter-than-should-be 285 front tires. I do not have a plate on the car so cannot yet take it to local dealer for service. Anyone experience this on their Z06s???
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right turns, too...

Started the Vettes yesterday and drove them around condo parking lot and noticed 427 vert has a rubbing going on at full turn left AND right. I believe I will get the height adjusters turned clockwise and have the car lifted a bit, as I did with my 2010. Prior to that, I will discuss this with local Chevy dealer but have no confidence in their Vette knowledge.
I agree that you should have no confidence with the dealer when dealing with your Vette. Everytime I have taken mine in for one problem it has come back with 3 or 4 new ones. Try and find a local Corvette specialist and let them take a look.

As for your original question, my Z06 does not rub in either direction. Perhaps have the alignment looked at to include the ride height as you already mentioned. Try and find whatever shop the local racers use as they will be knowledgable in dealing with performance cars like yours.
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