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roof question

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Hi Trading in my 2007 for a 2013 and the dealer is telling me that my transparent roof from the '07 will not fit the '13 is that true? Was trying to keep the old transparent roof and not order a new "dual roof" not sure if they are telling the truth or just want me to order the roof package on the new one, any info you guys have would help. Thanks!
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Your dealer is either nuts,trying to get over on you or doesn't know Vettes.Yes your roof will work.No difference in them at all.
Personally I'd either go to a different dealer or speak to the manager about the salesman. Or both.
Maybe the dealer is thinking C7? :secret:
Sad to say it was the OWNER (probably general manager the man had about as much customer service skills as a skunk) Long story short I ordered a Grand Sport (heritage package) back on Nov. 1st. Called Dec. 31 just to see when the car would be in, NOW they tell me the factory did not build and they are "finding" me a car (they did BUT it is NOT a heritage package car, they have to put on the rims, colored calipers, stripes etc.) OK I could live with that AFTER causing a scene in the dealership (which amazingly they did not seem to care about) SO anyway the car they found had the double roof package which I did not order and will not pay for so the "owner" told me you cant keep your top from the old vette it will not fit...BS I thought and just wanted to check with you guys. Now I find it too late to go to another dealership since the C6 production is coming to an end....HATE THIS DEALER BUT need the car.........Happy New Year to me (need to invent a sarcastic font!! LOL)
Post the dealerships name so we can let everyone know where "not" to buy a car. Also, get in touch with "corporate".
Call me jaded but I don't think "corporate" would give a hoot. I WILL post after I get the car (I am up against a wall with these people and want the car WITHOUT anymore problems) Hint I now live in eastern Mass............
He was going to sell it on eBay.
odd dog, Sorry to read about all your problems. I also ordered a new GS on Dec. 4th, also with the Heritage package.

It's due to be built between 1/9, and 1/14, and delivered about 1/28. I sure hope I don't experience anything like what you've gone through.

Good luck with your car. I hope you get one that you're happy with.
That sucks to hear about the dealer problems. The problem with the dealer's after-the-fact approach to the heritage package is that it will not carry the correct RPO. Might be a resale issue later on. However, if you drive the car for many years, it probably won't matter.
thanks to roy zink, I did call chevy customer service who informed me that the factory is indeed not taking any new orders, put me on hold to see if they could find a better match for my car other than the dealers and yesterday I received a voucher in the mail for $1000 off the car when I sign the deal (as a apology from Chevy for the inconvenience) I thought that was cool! Now all the dealer has to do is deliver the car with the correct options.....I did get a vin number and milage count...hopefully next week......
Old Dog, I'm glad my advice to someone finally worked. LOL Good luck with the new vehicle and let us know how you make out.
of course I will and once I have my baby safe and sound will post the dealer so that any Mass. resident knows to look out, asking around NO ONE has really given a great review of the dealership and I learned they are a big chain up here! WOW
...I received a voucher in the mail for $1000 off the car when I sign the deal...
It may interest you to know, that GM just started a new incentive program for all Grand Sports, and ZR1 vehicles delivered between Jan. 3rd, and Feb. 28th, 2013, that entitles you to an additional $2,000 instant cash back.

Make sure you get it! :thumbsup3:
thanks for the heads up - saw nothing on the website BUT will continue to look, I would ask the dealer, but since he thought the roof on my 07 will not fit the 13 I doubt he even knows about the incentive OR WOULD TELL ME ABOUT IT! LOL
thanks for the heads up - saw nothing on the website BUT will continue to look....
If you need proof, just go to the GM site, then "Build Your Own".

When you're finished configuring your car, look directly under the price, and it will show the current incentive $2,000 cash back.
you also get $3,000.00 loyalty rebate and also Kerbeck would ship the car to you, there a good dealership
Hameister Thanks I did see it and took a screen shot of it! LOVE having "back-up" proof, DO NOT BELIEVE or TRUST this dealer (the Jersey in me! LOL) and can't WAIT to hear how that promotion will not work with my car, because that will be the excuse...LOL - been to Kurbek when I lived in Jersey..Chevy did a search for the car I wanted, the dealer did come up with the closest so now it is my job to get the price down (from our contract) just to be THAT pain in the butt customer.......I LOVE this stuff!! thanks again ALL for the great advice and info!
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