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I though this may help if some one is having the same problem. I have a 92 polo convertible that I purchased 11 years ago. It mainly sits in the garage under a cover and only sees the road on nice days, only 8500 miles in 11 years. For the past few years I have had numerous issues with the battery going dead in only a few days after a full charge and electrical issues. First I used a trickle charger, then installed a shut off switch and just shut it down when not driving it. I also noticed that when driving, the motor did not run smooth, shakes at idle and just seems to be no power. It stalled a few times, the dash lights would flicker and AC not work properly. The Bose stereo and speakers would work some times and not others. I knew there was a problem but did not know where to start. I finally decided to installed a new Pioneer unit and speakers and dumped the entire Bose system, and immediatley the power was back, no more shaking at idle, no more hard starts and I am amazed at the throttle response. I know this is kind of long winded, but I had no idea that the drain of electrical power would cause this many issues. I was told that the problem could have been a relay for the Bose system that continued to drain the power and effect the rest of the electrical system. I hope all fixes turn out to be this simple.
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