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**Reduce Interior Noise In Seconds! -Blockit Sale!!

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Reduce Interior Noise In Seconds!
05-13 BLOCKIT Sound Deadener System​

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The BLOCKIT Sound deadening system reduces irritating cabin noise for your 05-13 in seconds without tearing up your carpet! Just place it in on top pf your carpet!

Perfect for taking that annoying edge off tire, road noise, stock & aftermarket exhausts.
The BLOCKIT also helps suppress heat too!
So efficient, we filed for a patent!
Durable UV protected perforated top layer looks great and allows you to still use your cargo area!
Feel free to place an aftermarket cargo mat on top!

The Multi Layer, Pre cut BLOCKIT Sound Deadening System lays right over your existing Carpet!
1 piece for the cargo area. 1 piece for behind each seat.


We created this unique multi layered combination of real acoustical soundproofing. It’s then bonded and cut using the same process found in the auto/trucking industry which produces an efficient, high quality product.

We tested using a Bruel & Kjaer ( #1 in sound and vibration equipment) Model 2250 Type 1 Sound Level Meter. Done in the dreaded 1500-2000 rpm range.
Dropped approx 10 dbs.

* Thousands sold!
* No more ripping out your interior and your carpet!
* Just lay it down over your carpet! Installs in seconds!
* UV Protected Perforated Vinyl top looks great & allows you to still use your cargo area!
* Great for reducing tire road noise, stock & aftermarket exhausts.
* Perfect for long trips!
* Precision cut to fit perfect into your Corvette!
* Does NOT smother the sweet sound of your exhaust note!
* Fits with & under most cargo accessories!
* Helps reduce heat!
* If you want, you can lay an aftermarket cargo carpet over it.
* Made with REAL acoustical materials.
* Made In The USA! Patent Pending


Order now to get 10% Off!
TO ORDER, securely order online by clicking the link:
Limited quantity on this special:thumbs:


Feedback from people is what really counts. Countless positive posts, threads started about the Blockit or threads where people refer it...
Here are a few I grabbed

Thank you!
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