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Reconnecting the vapor line from the charcoal cannister

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1976 L-48 - no smog equip installed.

I want to reconnect my charcoal cannister to see it reduces the gas smell. It is already connected to the gas tank. How do I reconnect it to the motor? I have an edlebrock 600CFM carb installed on an edlebrock performer intake.

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if you have an unused port on the carb or manifold..but it is not necessary, you probably have an open vac hose on the can ..plug them all ..many of us, that don t have to comply with emission tests, have removed just need a vented gas cap if you do...... my electric brake vac pump is where the vapor can used to be ... if you smell gas that strongly, I would check for fuel pump leak
I thought about using the unused vac port on the front of the carb but I thought it might steal my vacuum and give me headlight and brake troubles. I also thought about teeing it into the pcv valve somehow - not sure if this is a good idea. In the AIM manual it looks like it connected to the carb somewhere on the front.

The car has always had a bad odor several hrs after using. I restored the gas tank, hoses, etc a few months ago for a different reason. I have checked ALL the fuel related components and all is good and dry.

I wanted to remove the canister see if it opens to replace the filter and reconnect it to the motor. I would like to keep the original equip in use if possible.
front of carb is fine..but if the gas smell occurs after shutdown, you probably have heatsoak, flooding the carb bowls.or if its a Q-Jet, the well plugs may be dripping .. is it harder to start when you smell the gas?
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