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Recommended EXHAUST for 87 Corvette

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I want to change the exhaust on my 87 VET to something that sounds little meaner than STOCK. I'm hearing to just do a CAT BACK change, but there are SO MANY Brands out there?? I want the sound to be a deep mellow roar, but NOT annoying when cruising at Highway speeds. ANY RECOMMENDATIONS on what BRAND such as BORLA, FLOWMASTER, etc.
THANKS for any Advice
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I got muffler elimators and love the tone. Legal in Pa. and for around $150, Best bang for your bucks

U Need Headers Too ! :thumbsup3:
flowmaster or magnaflow are the best IMOP
I've got Magnaflows on mine, it sounds simply delightful. I raced some kid; afterwards he pulled into the same gas station I did. He said to me, "Damn that thing was quiet but when you stomped on it my friend and I were like, 'Holy ****!'".
Ehaust sound

:drool5: I have the exhaust Eliminators. Had them on my 84 and just put them on my 96 L T 4 great sound. At highway speed nice tone also C C atolog about $ 180.00:seeya:
I love my Borla Stingers, but on a C4, prepare to be droned out. I even have my tips extended outside the bumper. But due to the C4' s construction, it's a drone fest.

I won't comment on any other exhaust brand as I have no experience with them. Best advice I can give you, check out some C4 vids on Youtube with exhaust.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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