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Rear Hatch Issue

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I posted the following to one of my other forums.

Been trying to troubleshoot my 2003 50th in regards to the rear hatch. A few weeks ago, all of a sudden the Fob along with the dash button would not open the rear hatch. So far I have done the following with direction from others posts and results:
1. opened the hatch by crawling into the back and removing the side and back panels.
2. I checked the fuses and relays and swapped them with others to confirm that they are all in working order.
3. Took a meter to the lead to the release mechanism and have zero voltage.
4. I furthermore removed the dash switch and tested it.

At this point, I feel all has been to no avail. I still have no idea why all of a sudden, I have no signal to the hatch. Obviously the mechanism works as I pulled the two leads and the hatch opened but can't understand why I have no voltage to the rear connectors.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Look under the battery tray there is a harness mabe a wire broke did you ever have a acid leak like most C5's just a thought
I found out on this forum that if you place your key in the door lock and turn it twice (not sure which way) that the key would pop the hatch. May be same issue of no juice. When my fob didnt work due to no battery, I used this method. Just a thought.
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