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when a door is opened the light is on 15 minutes before closing
Sounds about right

"The '90-'96 Corvette courtesy lights are controlled by the CCM (central control module) located in the dash behind the radio receiver.
The courtesy lights are set-up with a delay when entering or exiting the passenger compartment;
The courtesy lights are also designed to turn off after fifteen minutes when the doors are left open to avoid battery drain.
If the doors are opened and closed in the that time period, the timer starts all over again. Courtesy lights should not come
on at any time when there is enough ambient light available to satisfy the light sensor in the dash.
The light sensor is located in the DIC (driver information center) at the upper left corner.
Courtesy light on input signals come from the door ajar switches, door lock key switches (when going from the locked position to unlocked),
headlight switch (moving the instrument cluster dimmer switch to the top), and the ambient light sensor.
Once the CCM gets a signal from a door lock key switch, it processes the info and then latches a courtesy light relay located behind the passenger
side of the dash, but only if the ambient light sensor senses low-Iight conditions for illuminated entry.
If the door was unlocked upon entering, the door ajar switches provide info to the CCM with out involving the door lock switches.
The ambient light sensors come into play after input from the door ajar and lock switches."
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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