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Radioflyer97's How-To Post #1: How to replace a C5 window regulator:

For those of you with dying window motors or frayed wiring, getting an entire window regulator assembly is the only option. I had frayed wires AND a dying motor. I was quotes prices upwards of $400 to fix this problem.

After consulting with forum members, I purchased a window regulator assembly from SMP performance for $158 shipped. (special thanks to Shaun Carter for getting the part to me before my clubs cruise this saturday)

Note: This tutorial is for the Driver's side window. If you're doing the passenger side, it will be easier because you can use the controls from the drivers side while the door panel is off. Most of you won't have dynamat...and you'll be glad you don't.

To replace the regulator, you will need the following tools:
- torx 20 screwdriver
- rachet set with metric sockets (must have 10mm)
- flathead screwdriver
- whatever other tools you use to remove the door panel

Step 1: Lower your window halfway. remove the door panel (there are many threads/websites about this so i will move on to step 2) I prefer to remove the door speaker panel for more working room. Also remove the large plastic piece that covers the rear part of the door.

Step 2: In my case, the cable completely snapped. I used a C-clamp to hold the window in place until the new part arrived.

Locate the window holding hardware:

Using a socket wrench and a 12mm socket (If i remember correctly) slowly loosen the holders then remove the window vertically from the door. Try to avoid scratching it on metal parts as you lift it.

window removed:

Step 3: removal of regulator assembly
First locate the 4 mouting points of the regulator tracks. 2 are on the top of the door and two are on the bottom. These require a 10mm socket and may be rather tight.

The bottom rear:

The bottom front is located on the underside of the door. you will have to remove a small rubber seal to access it.

Next remove the window motor itself using the 10mm socket. The nut/washers are all the same size so mixing them up is not a big deal.

Dont' forget to disconnect the electrical connection:

Ease the entire assembly out of the door hole.

The dead parts.

installation is reverse of removal.

Step 4: When re-installing the window, there should be a mark on the bottom where the old clamps were. Use this to line up you window. Shut the door and raise the window to make sure it lines up. Once you're satisfied, tighten the window clamps and make sure all your mounts are tight. Don't forget the rubber seal for the front bottom mount.

No doubt your window has fingerprints all over it. Windex wipes will solve that problem:

and you're finished.
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