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From Another C3 Forum:

"1970 L-46. I understand that the initial cold start idle speed should be around 1500 rpm, but then drop back down to 800 rpm once it warms up and I hit the gas. Mine usually does that but yesterday it never dropped below 1500 during my entire 20 mile drive that included several stops and re-starts. From what I understand this is not the original carb but a replacement that was installed in the mid 90's. Since it appears to be an intermittent issue I'm not sure where to start. Any ideas"?

As I expected the forum's QuadraJet "Geru" told him to trash it then buy a good used original and then send it to him for rebuilding ($$$). As this nice looking Quadrajet has been working perfectly up until yesterday I would guess something in the choke housing or fast idle assembly is hanging up for some reason and that reason needs to be found. No need to trash a perfectly good QuadraJet just so someone can make money.

He needs to have someone who is very familiar with QuadraJets take a look at it. The original QuadraJet had a divorced choke but this QuadraJet has an electric choke so it could be as simple as the loss of 12 volts or the loss of a ground at the choke housing.
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