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From Another C3 Forum:

"I recently rebuilt my '80 Corvette's 350" engine with a 383" stroker kit conversion, Brawler 650 cfm carb, CC 279/297 479/465 Thumper cam with aluminum heads. It has been to three different mechanics and it absolutely will NOT run right. It will idle just fine but if I give it any throttle it almost quits. Stalls and sputters. Putting it in drive is guaranteed to kill the engine. I currently do not have a stall converter in it but plan on putting one in. My question is, could the lack of a higher stall converter cause these issues even at idle? Or do I need to start delving into trying to degree the cam"?

This forum's QuadraJet "Geru" is claiming his Thumper cam is causing his troubles but many thousands of those cams are in daily use all across America with no problems. I'll be willing to bet his base timing is way off and his Brawler's mixture screws and accelerator pump are way out of adjustment so it's not instantly squirting fuel when he gives it some throttle. And then there's the possibility he has previously screwed with his distributor's flyweight springs and is getting mechanical advance way too early. As we're now a full 40 years into fuel injected engines many of today's mechanics don't know diddly squat about tuning carbureted engines.
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