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Price For Weather Stripping

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Hi everyone. I have a 96 coupe. All of my weather stripping is shot. There is someone I kind of know that owns a body shop that works on high-end cars. I brought my car in to get an estimate to change all of my weather stripping. He coated me a price of $1405 which includes OEM weather stripping plus the labor. Is this a fair price or should I try another place? Any help is appreciated, Ed.
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Hi. :seeya:
That price to me is way, way to high. He's charging more for the labor then what the W.S. cost. Check the for sale ads here & other corvette forms, I picked up still sealed in the plastic in the box whole car W.S. for my 88 for less then half the retail price . :thumbsup3: Then did it myself, it isn't a difficult job, can get a little messy, but it cleans up fairly easy.
Good luck
Rich :patriot:
UR gettin Hosed.. :sm_party:
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