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poor clutch pedal in 91

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Hi, I believe that this model has a hydraulicly actuated clutch. I have a clutch pedal, that goes almost to the floor before disengaging, I estimate, two inches off the floor, for the clutch to re engage when letting it out. It also, has a grabby snappish feel when re engaging, and typically stalls the engine until I really am super slow about engaging the clutch. This car also, binds a bit in the shifting of the transmission, yesterday, the shifter got hung such that I had to pull over and play with the shifter to get it so it would unbind. I am hoping that the shifting is related to not being lubed for a long time, the PO is saying that the car has been sitting for some time without being driven, and he claims to know nothing about the clutch, except thats the way its always been for him, so obviously he has driven it for a while like this. Also, this vehicle has an extremely hard brake pedal, it feels like there is no power assist at all, do youz have some things for me to check on that regards too?
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vehicle has a hundred plus thousand miles

I should say this vehicle has a hundred seven thousand miles and appears to be in reasonably decent condition other than this.
1.) Make sure your clutch slave cylinder and clutch master cylinder are not leaking. Does the clutch feel spongy?

2.) Check the linkage in the shifter, that may be where your crunchiness is coming from.

3.) They all have hard brake pedals, a common complaint with these cars. After driving a well loaded Toyota Tundra around I feel like I can stop on a dime. However, if you want to be sure your brakes are okay, you can always flush the brake fluid for peace of mind.
Thanks a lot, will try this.
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