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Perplexing Discovery

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Greetings. I was poking my head in the storage compartment where the jack goes and I found a switch/relay bolted to the front of the compartment. The switch/relay did not have any wiring connected to it and it was totally rusted out. I have no idea what it is used for. Can anyone shed some light on this for me? Thanks,
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Positive ID

It has been positively identified as the Anti-theft relay.
It has been positively identified as the Anti-theft relay.
Good detective work:thumbsup:
It has been positively identified as the Anti-theft relay.

did you round up the "usual suspects" in this investigation? LOL
OK gurus, my 69 has the relay and like a turn signal flasher there. There is a switch on the fire wall that is compressed when hood is closed[ AIM book says anti theft switch]. Also there was a weird shaped horn in a box of parts I got with the car. What or how does someone activate the system? Also note on driver side console, that small piece all the way forward there are holes in it just like as if for rear window defogger switch. Any advice
I believe 69 was the first year for alarm option .. the funny shaped horn goes under the driverside 1/4 panel, if I remember correctly.. 71 -72 had a key cylinder on the body to activate.-later years used the door lock w/key ...I don t remember where my 69 switch was..may be on console, just don t recall.
My 75 has the switch on the console and it is for the rear window defogger fan.My alarm is set with the door key in a lock cylinder on the left fender.
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