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Interested in what Performance Driving is all about or you're an experienced track day driver? Hooked On Driving, America's premier performance driving program, runs on-track events where drivers experience their own car in a raceway setting and offers up high-performance driver education in a controlled but friendly non-competitive environment. Our focus, beyond having fun, is to share our years of experience with every enthusiast; please check out some of our videos and magazine articles:
Getting On Track, Hooked On Driving founder David Ray shares the fundamentals of performance driving[/url]
The Street is Your Classroom, You don't need to go to the track to practice performance driving techniques.[/url]

The Flags: Key to Your Safety [youtube K68cilr3TnA youtube]

How to Learn a New Track, with Randy Pobst [youtube O2o0qozkzak youtube]

7/10ths Driving Technique [youtube ut3t2is-Gt4 youtube]

Heal & Toe Technique [youtube VxGtx9xXhlM youtube]

Driving Dynamics with Randy Pobst [youtube nJq6m33YUwM youtube]

Learning the Line [youtube PoMx44qPmSI youtube]

Understading the Apex [youtube VFcJ_S_0FqM youtube]

Car Preparation with Steve Dinan [youtube _-b7n_a7VO4 youtube]

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See you at the track!
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