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Parts Car or sell whole?

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Hey yall, it's been awhile since my last post and I bring bad news, the C3 must go : (. I'm moving out of state for a job promotion and I can't take the old girl with me, really bummed. So my question today is, could I get more bang for my Buck by parting it out or selling the whole thing as a parts car? It's an auto 81 with a TH400 non operational with an entire new cooling system and rear suspension. It's got almost everything on it, but it's not pretty. Original owner unfortunately abused her : (.
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time = money
the more you spend = the more you make
parting it out could take awhile .. guess it depends on what you need to get for it
I'll need around $5k to break even which is why I'm more lenient to part it out. I think I have around 3-4 months left to do this, possibly less time. Idk, I'm gunna check out the market and see what the possibilities are.
craigslist and ebay are your friend
How much would you ask for the complete bare frame?
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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